Mailing list

Introduction and Aims

This list was original set up to allow scottish country dance societies at mainly universities across the UK to organise, co-ordinate and announce dances and other events, and to discuss scottish dancing related matters. Currently the membership is much wider, than this original aim. Indeed messages to the list may be syndicated to all members of a number of university scottish dance groups.

Introduction | How it works | Joining/Leaving | Acceptable Use

How it works

Messages sent by members of the list to the address scd-announce at will be sent to all members of the list, including the sender. Messages sent by non-members of the list will be subject to moderation. Messages to the list are archived, information about finding out how to retrieve files from the archive is given below.

Introduction | How it works | Joining/Leaving | Acceptable Use


To join or leave the list please visit the list information page.


Introduction | How it works | Joining/Leaving | Acceptable Use

Acceptable Use

As this list supports a community of dancers we would request that there is NO unsolicited commercial advertising. Also we would request that you do not send attachments to the list or send mail in HTML format as many people cannot read this. The moderators take a VERY STRICT view on unsolicited e-mail and anything which is not of relevance to the aims of the list goes in the bit bucket unseen. Please do not waste our and your time by sending such e-mails.